Page Application Maintenance


Constant changing will happen in a technology driven business world. Technology is transforming business continuously by reducing entry barriers. Organizations need to stay proactive in embracing the technology to manage clients' expectation, new consumptions model, smarter products and impact of digitalizations in order to stay relevant in business market. 

In this fast-paced technology evolution, coupled with lessen IT budgets, organizations are challenged with balancing the critical needs to observe defects while reducing the investment in managing applications. Lots of critical questions arise in approaching to balance solutions. 

Syabas Technologies Sdn Bhd offers Application Maintenance services which able to addres the questions and can deliver our maintenance services in IT operations effectively and best effectiveness. 


Improving efficiency by focusing on continuously improving, innovating and accelerating operational practices to drive reduction in operational costs. 



Organizing end-to-end workflows for business area by dynamic business process monitoring and failure assessment.  



Improving quality of experience through greater engangement with end users and providing two-way communications on services improvement to the business process.