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Business disruption can impact organizations in any size in any location. From every aspects such as power outages, politcal events or even virus outbreaks. Every organization need to develop and prepare a business continuity plan to ensure its business operation can continue despite of any disruption. 

The most critical component of that business plan is maintaining the necessary level of security while ensuring user remain proactive. In addition to maintaining, prevention is also critical component in business planning. The goal is to enable the ongoing operations before and during executions of disaster recovery. It is good to follow this four step in planning Business Continuity for an organizations which is :

  • Identify Risk Assessment - Assess all the possible risk that an organization could come under (Work Place Incident,Infrastructure Incident,Staff Incident)
  • Analyze Business Impact - Gather all possible impact that could happen to organization
  • Create Strategy & Plan Development - Plan any possible strategy to cater all the possible impact
  • Test, Train and Maintain - Test the planning before actual disruption happen, and make an improvement if needed, and maintain. 


Our company Syabas Technologies, prepare Business Continuity Planning in order to ensure the operations can continue, no matter the disruption. We secure the checklist of business continuity planning including supplies and equipment of business, loaction of data backups and backup sites, where the plan is available and who should have it and contact information for emergency responders, key personnel and backup site providers.