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About Us

Syabas Technologies delivers ICT solutions, collaborating with global partners for customer value. Our services include IT infrastructure, data centers, and custom software solutions.


To uphold our position as a leading value-added solution provider in our field. We strive to offer comprehensive services that cover the entire process, from the sale of solutions to their effective implementation and ongoing support.


To become the premier provider of IT solutions in the fields of IT infrastructure, security, availability, optimization, visibility, and control.

Our Services

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Business Continuity Planning

Syabas Technologies has a business continuity plan for disaster recovery, including supplies, equipment, data backup, and emergency contacts.

Security And Managed Services

Syabas Technologies delivers secure computing services and offers data and email backup subscriptions, IT hardware subscriptions, and more.

Network Infrastructure Solutions

Syabas Technologies is globally recognized for our network transformation initiatives and adopts best practices to ensure client satisfaction.

Application Development And Maintenance

Syabas Technologies develops secure, user-friendly IT solutions that simplify application management, optimize workflows, and meet clients needs.

Hybrid Cloud Integration

Hybrid Cloud Integration provides fast, flexible, and cost-effective data storage and processing with advanced security measures.

Project Management

Syabas Technologies prioritizes efficient project management for client satisfaction and successful outcomes through resource planning and timely task completion.

Finance And Accounting

Syabas Technologies helps finance leaders manage processes, achieve objectives, and maximize their system’s potential and value.

Supply Chain Management Services

Syabas Technologies’ SCM solutions help clients collaborate and improve planning, sourcing, procurement, fulfillment, and after-sales services.

Business Intelligence/Digital Analysis

Syabas Technologies uses digital analytics for efficient data collection, strategic decision-making, and customizable solutions.

Our Partners

We provide diverse ICT solutions to meet your business needs, with strategic partnerships ensuring seamless integration and robust infrastructure.

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